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This was a busted water line at my house in
This is a close up of the faucet that was
connected to the main line!
Yet another close up of the broken water
line faucet!
Here is a close up of the water meter.
A wide view of the entire work site.
Another view of the work site. You can see
my co-workers legs!
Here is the broken water line. This was the
main water line.
You can barely see where the line busted in
This photo shows how old and corroded
this water line is.
Just another photo of the old busted water
And yet the last photo of the broken water
Here is a photo of the finished view of the
work site.
This photo shows the meter set back into
the ground.
I am a professional plumber, can you see
how level the ground is?
You can't tell that this was a work site can
Here is the finished product. We hooked up
the fancy water hose.
Another photo of the finished product. It
has a new faucet too!
Our final photo of the completed work site. I
did a great job!
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