Tony Parker paying for his snacks
Tony Parker waiting for attendant
Tony Parker choosing his healthy snacks
Tony Parker waiting patiently in line
These photos were taken by Violet and her crew at Mr Cartenders in Uvalde, Texas on March
2005.  Tony Parker was on his way to Del Rio and did a pit stop at the store to use the
restroom and an unidentified employee recognized Tony Parker. At first Mr Parker did not want
any pictures taken of him but after Violet used her unique charm she convinced him to take a
picture with her. These photos are the end result.  These photos were developed at the Super
Wal-Mart in Uvalde. When Violet went to pick up the photos a Wal-Mart employee said that they
made an 8 X 10 photo for Violet free of charge if Violet agreed to let them have a copy of the
photo. Violet agreed and then to Violet's surprise, Wal-Mart began selling  copies of the photo.
That was kind of rude of Wal-Mart. Please ask me for permission before you take any of these
photos. Thank You!
Tony Parker and Violet
Tony Parker's Dad and Violet
Tony Parker, Violet, Janet and Laurie
Tony Parker and family leaving the store parking lot
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