This accident happened on August 10, 2004 at about 10:30am in a small town named Cotulla, TX. There were two
occupants in this vehicle. The driver was ejected from the vehicle while the passenger hung on for dear life. They were
both airlifted to San Antonio's University Hospital and amazingly both occupants survived this accident with minor
injuries. Luckily some of their friends were following behind them and saw the whole accident. Two of the witnesses
went for help while one female stayed behind to render aid! If it wasn't for their friends, these occupants probably
wouldn't be here with us today!
August 10, 2005 is the anniversary of this accident. The occupants of this vehicle are doing great. We really don't
know much about the passenger because we haven't seen him in over 6 months. As for the driver of this vehicle, he
has purchased a new Ford F-150 Pick Up since the accident and is doing great! He now knows how to control a vehicle
while driving on a dirt road!
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Nuffy's 2003 Dodge Ram Pick Up
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Front View of the truck
Front Passenger Side View
Rear Passenger Side View
Rear Driver Side View
Rear Inside Window View
Front Driver Side View
Front Driver Side Tire
Front Windshield
Front Windshield 2
Rear Driver Side View
Rear Passenger Side Tire
Front Passenger Side Tire
Passenger Side Window
Driver Side Window
Cracked Windshield
Front Driver Side View
Rear View 1(Close Up)
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Rear Driver Side View
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