Top view of the living roon /
dinning roon
The Pleather Couches
The Dryer, closet, and dinning
roon table
The dryer, closet and dinning roon
The TV and pleather couches
The Computer desk
Dinning Room
The washer, this washer has been
The Microwave
The kitchen sink
The stove
The refrigerator
The kitchen Floor
The hallway floor
The toilet
The Dryer
The Computer Desk
The living room ceiling fan
The dinning room window and
The ceiling in the living room
Welcome to Phylon's actual house in the Barrio!
This is my actual house in the South side of town. We have lived here in
this house for over 20 years. Its been great growing up in this house.
We shared some good and bad times here. I would not trade any
memories for anything in the world. Sadly, everyone is slowly moving
out of the house. But I guess that happens when people grow up and
start making families of their own.

I did not create this page to make fun of this house or its occupants!

This house has been transferred ownership,
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The living room clock
The drywall above the living room
The dryer, and pleather couches
The above photos are of Phylon's old house in the barrio. We decided that it was time to move on
and build a new home. As you may have read
somewhere on this website, we gave our old home
away to make room for a new one. Below are the end results of the new house. It is a four bedroom
two bathroom brick home. Guess who got the master bedroom! More photos will be posted soon.

Click on the photos below to enlarge!
Phylon - T Gonzalez
Phylon's old house in the Barrio!
... and now Phylon's New House in the Barrio
Welcome to
Phylon's Network
Phylon's House
Left front view of the new home
Close up left front view
Right front view
Front view
Far away view
Rear view
Living room dining room
Living room dining room
Master bed room door
Master bedroom windows
Master bed room windows
Master bed room windows
Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom
Dining room living room
Hallway to 2 bedrooms
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
This is the living room
This is the dining room
This is the pantry door
The French doors
The dining room
The diner table
The dining room
The French doors
The kitchen
The living room
The dining room table
The kitchen counter
The living room
Nuffy and Pris the living room
The living room set
Living room chair
Living room loveseat
The chair and seat
The new couch
The new couch
The TV and chair
The couch and love seat
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The last photos show the decorative skills of my good friend Art. He shows me what items to purchase to make
Family Dollar Store! Very cheap things but they make the house look great! Oh yeah lets not forget that the
four frames that are in the living room were purchased by my mother at a rummage sale and the two frames
hanging in the dining room were purchased by me at Wal-mart. But they were chosen by my mother Violet.
She also has great decorative skills. You should see her house.